Journey Time – Mulled Psalm 5

Immune to panic attacks

and fearless of heart attacks:

it’s time to take a break from

racking brains, losing traction.

No matter the odds are stacked:

we grandparents are all packed,

driving cross-country, striving

to link continentally

divided families.

Call us stark raving glad,

we are covered in grace

state to state, relearning

the art of companionship.

Life with You is carefree, wondrous!

We’re refreshed, embraced, protected.

Peace, Be Still: Mulled Psalm 3

Word funnel clouds loom:
Jagged chunks of debris whiz,
bang, thud online and on air;
brainstorm tornadoes roar
through boardrooms and classrooms
sucking up hearts.

Fossil fuel barons barrel ahead
from wealth to wealth, heedless of health hazards,
leaving leaks, quakes, spills in their wake,
wasting precious water, poisoning air;
discounting drought, fires, tsunamis,
rising seas, refugees and other
planetary insanity.


Yet every night your children sleep serenely;
each new dawn brings Your renewing.
Holy Creator, Wondrous Re-Creator,
You will disrupt the disrupters
and gather Your Shalom seekers
for faithful earth-tending.

Speaking Truth to Power: Mulled Psalm 2

On the U.S. Capitol steps
what joy to read outloud in turn
Job 37 through Psalm 8!

Vibrant thanks, Divine Inspirer,
You raised my voice for one half hour
in the 90 hour readathon.


Jesus, my heart heard You praying
between lines and beyond sirens,
praying and proclaiming Your Truth:

Someone is in charge; Creator’s
cosmic, Love-generated law
supersedes all competing codes.

Congress, committee chairs, PACmen,
people who throw your weight around,
cease; desist. Listen: come kneel now.

Hear Love’s Son named to rule all hearts.
Love and serve with Servant Leader,
always radiant, always at peace.

At the Table: Mulled Psalm 1


Sunny May bird symphony
signals joyful community.
Can you hear it, Joyce and Dave,
Nancy and Marv, Heeyun, Judah,
Stephen, Sekou, all who have
seen these trees and imagined this
home an embryo of Shalom?

Will new and returning guests
realize Creator Redeemer’s
presence here? This afternoon
my heart hears plaintive mourning dove’s
call: bring your senior friends round
this table for Bible Study.

Loving Spirit whispers: sons,
daughters, grand and great-grandchildren
will gather. You will savor
Live Words at all hours and thrive
with God-freshened, Joyous Peace-Seekers.