Speaking Truth to Power: Mulled Psalm 2

On the U.S. Capitol steps
what joy to read outloud in turn
Job 37 through Psalm 8!

Vibrant thanks, Divine Inspirer,
You raised my voice for one half hour
in the 90 hour readathon.


Jesus, my heart heard You praying
between lines and beyond sirens,
praying and proclaiming Your Truth:

Someone is in charge; Creator’s
cosmic, Love-generated law
supersedes all competing codes.

Congress, committee chairs, PACmen,
people who throw your weight around,
cease; desist. Listen: come kneel now.

Hear Love’s Son named to rule all hearts.
Love and serve with Servant Leader,
always radiant, always at peace.

One thought on “Speaking Truth to Power: Mulled Psalm 2


    Praise God that you could read God’s precious
    Word at the nation’s capitol ! May this freedom never be taken away! MAY YOU ALWAYS FOLLOW ITS TEACHINGS! I WISH I COULD HAVE HEARD YOU READ IT !


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