Prayer in Solidarity – Mulled Psalm 9


On the edge again, God we are weary
sick to death hearing of abductions, rape,
child soldiers, child slaves, sex slaves. We give up,
overwhelmed by news from slums, camps, shanty
towns, barrios, dumps. Aghast, we turn from
diseased, starving, homeless, tortured people.

Yes, we know there are good people working:
IJM, World Renew, World Relief, World
Vision, Peace Corps, Mercy Corps, and more who
rescue, restore, mediate, advocate,
teach, heal, partner, empower for Love’s sake.
But destruction and corruption persist.

All our prayers and donations can never
quench tears for squandered years, scattered families,
waste, vanity, gluttony, lust or fear.
Jesus, we yearn to come alive in Your
legendary compassion every day.

God, look on us today in Your Mercy;
draw us from the panicked brink of despair.
You never forget one needy person
but offer Hope to each soul that suffers.
May we freely publicize Your Kindness,
thriving in Your Ever-Living Power.

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