Love Power – Mulled Psalm 21


Love Power, take charge. Resound
in every room and corridor today.
Pure Love, You alone quench our urgent thirst.
You respond promptly to teachers’ pleas,
pastors’ prayers, parents’ appeals
with life-transforming mercy and grace.
Sovereign Love, You validate
devoted, bribe-free public servants.
Supreme Love, You infuse us with Joy.
Your Holy Peace holds us steady
from Sunday to Sunday, persistent,
always patiently resisting
ravagers of Your Creation.
Love Personified, Choreographer
of the New Creation, we worship You!

Let Peace Prevail – Mulled Psalm 20


Weary of warring factions
within, without, we are too
tired, too conflicted to
decide what’s worth doing and
whether any candidate
or cause merits our support.

Yet Your Shalom remains our goal.
Each day’s blessings increase belief:
someone’s always interceding;
angels must be intervening;
close calls with cars yield sweet phone calls
telling miracles of timing.

Fighters falter but Love keeps us
firmly grounded. Hear us, Master:
crown Your servant leaders’ efforts.

Voluminous Revelations – Mulled Psalm 19


Dawn to dusk Love’s Divine Volumes
draw Imagine Nation’s inhabitants
across celestial expanses
into ancient ever renewable
revelations. We revel in
brilliant sunset sights and sunrise insights;
Illumine Nation becomes our home.

Skies unveil Your masterpieces–
ever singing day-song, night-song….
Scripture’s truth, like nature’s order
steadies every reeling spirit.

Sigh – Mulled Psalm 18

Deadness slithers across our spirits.
We are zombies, paltry not grand
parents, sure we’ll never be great grand.
Daytime sleepwalkers, we are plagued,
bitten, beaten, itchy. We feel
our way, step by stumbling step, day
by disjointed day with fleeting views.

You expunge our dread of failure.
In silence beyond disappointment
we step off problem-solving treadmills
to apply Your healing ointments:
breezes, outdoor sounds and scents, rhythms
of breath, heartbeat, pulse and footstep.
Listening Love is here, now, everywhere!

Urgent Appeal – Mulled Psalm 17


Fleeing wildfire smoke, daughter and grandsons
ride and wait and fly and wait and fly and
ride to grandma’s home. Can a one or six
year-old bond with grandparents in two weeks?
Will free range daughter revisit mother
church? Will her sons ever see grandma’s joy?

Divine Mediator, You understand
our common and uncommon frustrations.
Holy Parent, may we hear each other’s
heart songs: show us what drives us, what divides.
Wise Gentle Judge, pardon our rash actions;
end jargon-loaded argument cycles.

Dissolve family food fight follies. Grant us
a hearing, God. You see our true motives.