The Planet’s Pastor? Mulled Psalm 26

God, please purify our mixed motives.
See our yearning hearts with Your Love Eyes;
assure us we can, we will come clean,
away from know-it-all pretense and
free of money-rules-all enticements.

Read our dreams, even those night visions
on time-and-space borders where somehow
we can express our overwhelming
desire to love You in each other.

May we follow Your emissary
in Love’s joyful, peacemaking mission,
overcoming all evil with good.

How many more thousand-year-days till
falsehood is gone and Truth shines in Love?

Renewing our Vows – Mulled Psalm 25

Christ, this is Your Bride writing,
the Worldwide Body You call Beloved.
Royal Guide, with You we walk tall.
Keep us confident in You,
united and loyal in Your service.

We have been maligned, consigned to fringes.
Our eyes are lowered in disgrace.
We hide inside, behind the times,
hunched over books, huddled around screens,
discussing veils and disguises.

Please erase our regretful records;
lift our hopes; steady our heartbeats.
Jesus, we need You to take the lead:
Soul Sun, shine on wallflowers;
bring drooping violets to Your Love Light.

There we will dance with blind fools,
addicts, all who admit being lost.
You will escort us along
Your New Life Paths to households
where asylum seekers are welcome.

Pastoral Writers’ Prompt – Mulled Psalm 23

Thanks to our pastor, Meg Jenista, for the assignment of rephrasing this Psalm
to reflect  our individual vocations. I continue my practice of moving from I to we.
Jesus, You are our Master Poet.
We will not lack for good words.
You bring us to mountainside meadows
and lakeside forests on silent retreats.
You revive our creativity
and direct our thought trains on Love Tracks.
Oh God, You steer us clear of every
writer’s block, out of doldrums’ vacuum.
Our stanzas flow fearlessly,
sustained by Your constant Lovestream,
steady in Your story arc.
You select nutritious menus for us
from imagination’s harvest.
We feast on Your Wondrous Words,
undaunted by rivals or critics.
Your brilliant vision illumines us;
people everywhere welcome our poems.
By Your merciful grace, their value
will ever increase, and I will be
at home with You, Peace-making Poet.

Love? Mulled Psalm 22


Triple-proof Love, why let more children die?
Jesus, why do You keep on being
tortured to death in refugee lives?

How can an anguished family song
sung through razor wire or sea water
ever end in authentic hope?

Convulsed with Your Holy Compassion
we wail for bombed towns and people
displaced, betrayed, swindled by smugglers.

Oh God, Love, don’t leave us to smugness,
blindness to our own thoughtless, loveless deeds.
Open our hearts to welcome the stranger.

Love of all loves, let everyone know You:
then all children will live Your Joy Story.
Into Your hands we commend our Spirits.