Pastoral Writers’ Prompt – Mulled Psalm 23

Thanks to our pastor, Meg Jenista, for the assignment of rephrasing this Psalm
to reflect  our individual vocations. I continue my practice of moving from I to we.
Jesus, You are our Master Poet.
We will not lack for good words.
You bring us to mountainside meadows
and lakeside forests on silent retreats.
You revive our creativity
and direct our thought trains on Love Tracks.
Oh God, You steer us clear of every
writer’s block, out of doldrums’ vacuum.
Our stanzas flow fearlessly,
sustained by Your constant Lovestream,
steady in Your story arc.
You select nutritious menus for us
from imagination’s harvest.
We feast on Your Wondrous Words,
undaunted by rivals or critics.
Your brilliant vision illumines us;
people everywhere welcome our poems.
By Your merciful grace, their value
will ever increase, and I will be
at home with You, Peace-making Poet.

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