Renewing our Vows – Mulled Psalm 25

Christ, this is Your Bride writing,
the Worldwide Body You call Beloved.
Royal Guide, with You we walk tall.
Keep us confident in You,
united and loyal in Your service.

We have been maligned, consigned to fringes.
Our eyes are lowered in disgrace.
We hide inside, behind the times,
hunched over books, huddled around screens,
discussing veils and disguises.

Please erase our regretful records;
lift our hopes; steady our heartbeats.
Jesus, we need You to take the lead:
Soul Sun, shine on wallflowers;
bring drooping violets to Your Love Light.

There we will dance with blind fools,
addicts, all who admit being lost.
You will escort us along
Your New Life Paths to households
where asylum seekers are welcome.

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