Divine Rehab

Breath by breath, good life, Good Love renews:
yoga breath, swim breath, walk breath, work breath,
centering breath, heart-speak, Love-talk praise;
inhaling appeals, we exhale praise.

Paranoia paralyzes, but
Love sees breathless tears, hears praise yearnings;
Love’s laser angels heal humble souls.
We relish Love’s fruits in all seasons.

Child songs echo: praise brings peace; peace, praise.
Love’s marriage repair rejuvenates.
Seniors greet each other: How are you?
I’m fine now…. God is good!   All the time!

Sick lifestyles kill people and planet
but divine rehab revives, restores.
Peace-making, peace-keeping, our holy
vocation, lifelong, heart deep, worldwide.

Look Up – Mulled Psalm 33

Calling all Life Lovers:
Respond to Star Father’s
universe-filling Love signs.
Reclaim your native praise tongue.

Gladly reject the anti-Gods:
wealth, fame and war contradict Love.
Wisdom comes in Holy Peace;
True Joy persists with Justice.

Away from vengeful gloom,
follow Heaven’s Seer through
drought and hunger, even death.
Love Guide endures. Hope keeps health.

Odes for October Birthdays – Mulled Psalm 32

Turning 38

For centuries most Christians were dumb,
silenced by Christendom’s sentries,
dumbed down by fake guilt and false cheer,
offending and taking offense.

Love gently removes cover-ups,
lust build-ups and concealed weapons.
We join Jesus’ Homeschool, transforming
Love’s old lament to new merriment.

Turning 47

Forgiven and forgiving friends,
refreshed as transparent parents,
we reflect our transcendent parent.

Turning 69

At day’s end in autumn years, God
hears our confession of faithless fears,
absolves all guilt in joyous tears.

All the Time – Mulled Psalm 31

God, each one of us needs You.
Help us see we’re all refugees,
desperately seeking asylum.
Without Your fearless, life-renewing Love,
children and grandchildren come to see
churches as insane asylums.

Love, each one of us needs You.
Help us see we’re all prisoners,
desperately seeking freedom.
Without Your timeless life-empowering hope,
students and reporters see Christians
as wall-building timekeepers.

Jesus, You give each of us all we need.
End our years of snubbing and being snubbed;
unwrap the layers that mummified us.
With Your joyful, childlike courage
parents and grandparents will find
resurrection communities.

Spirit, You are present to each of us.
End our days of mindless, heartless
prideful greed and paranoia.
With Your deep breath peace infusions
sisters, brothers, servant-leaders will keep
encouraging one another.

Then and There – Mulled Psalm 30

How soon morning child energy subsides!
Sobs for natives’ stories halts spirit dance;
refugee reports lock down poem flow gates
with blame shame grudge sludge and guilt silt buildups.

I can’t write my way out of pity pit
or work my way into Your healing light.
Fear isolates; spite keeps me counting wrongs;
pride makes excuses, inflates my efforts.

Every night the bubble breaks. I give up
trying to impress or even express
this immense sadness. Exhausted, I fall
down into Your wondrous embrace of sleep.

There, there You assure my heart all is well.
Then, then I am relieved, resting, trusting
Your welcome to kindred spirit dreamland
where Your humble children breathe contentment.

We wake in Your dance company, moving
gracefully from grief to gladness, grateful
for Your all-encompassing compassion,
eager for close child encounter chances.

ZA'ATARI, JORDAN - FEBRUARY 01:  Children pose for a picture as Syrian refugees go about their daily business in the Za'atari refugee camp on February 1, 2013 in Za'atari, Jordan. Record numbers of refugees are fleeing the violence and bombings in Syria to cross the borders to safety in northern Jordan and overwhelming the Za'atari camp. The Jordanian government are appealing for help with the influx of refugees as they struggle to cope with the sheer numbers arriving in the country.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 160600686

Glorious Creator

Our hearts hear trillions of angels
praise You in heaven song language.

We humans, creatures of Your Earth,
quake in Your presence, Thunder Voice.

You expose shameful presumptions:
the doctrine of discovery;

manifest destiny; natives
enslaved, plundered, decimated.

Holy Judge, You bellow in fires;
You roar with falling sequoias.

We cringe at lightning strikes and cry
torrents for torrential rains.

Grateful for carbon-absorbing,
oxygen-producing forests,

in awe of Your waterfall or
ocean wave voice, we kneel transfixed.

Come soon to preside, Peace-Giver;
empower humble Earth-keepers.

Revelation 11:18 – Mulled Psalm 28

Massive unseen One, are You there?
Ears of God, are You open?
How can a mother, father, sister,
brother thrive without a word from You?

Help! Eyes of God, see anguished faces
straining toward Your Holy Presence
while haters drag us from sweet dream
confabs to bomb cycle venom.

Judge God, feed them their own toxic mix;
indict those who incite violence.
We trust Your promise to destroy
Your Creation’s destroyers.

Thank You for signs of answered prayers:
drilling halted; killings prevented.
Body Guard, Spirit Guide, You gather,
protect, defend us within, without.

Transfigured with joy, we fly
with refugees to church families.
Borne by Your all-embracing Love,
our hearts soar in Weapon Free Land.

Divine Light – Mulled Psalm 27


Courageous Love enlightens us:
Clear Peace deflects all distractions;
we’re deaf to fear-based rhetoric,
delighting in Heart Energy.

Though thousands are fired up for war
we refuse terror’s temptations.
Secure in Love’s Refuge, we gaze
enthralled at New Reign’s brilliant dawn.

No more daylight wasting time dread:
in confident community
Soul Strength nurtures bright ideas,
beaming Jesus’ Spirit Power.

God’s Light heals with yoga stretches,
piano hymns, writing rhythms.
Lighthearted we dance on outdoor
treasure hunts, clued by live word-lights.

We seek; we wait; we pray. We find
new facets of Heavenly Joy
reflected from Pure Wisdom’s face,
transmitting hope-propelled patience.