Revelation 11:18 – Mulled Psalm 28

Massive unseen One, are You there?
Ears of God, are You open?
How can a mother, father, sister,
brother thrive without a word from You?

Help! Eyes of God, see anguished faces
straining toward Your Holy Presence
while haters drag us from sweet dream
confabs to bomb cycle venom.

Judge God, feed them their own toxic mix;
indict those who incite violence.
We trust Your promise to destroy
Your Creation’s destroyers.

Thank You for signs of answered prayers:
drilling halted; killings prevented.
Body Guard, Spirit Guide, You gather,
protect, defend us within, without.

Transfigured with joy, we fly
with refugees to church families.
Borne by Your all-embracing Love,
our hearts soar in Weapon Free Land.

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