Family Letter – Mulled Psalm 37

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Love’s Family,

How we need each other’s encouragement!
Who can breathe in resentment’s putrid smog?
We scoot from envy’s heat to cold numbness
without one another’s kind attention.

But thanks to Earth’s Creator Sustainer
we are drawn together on Shalom Road.
There we entrust our lives to Love’s guidance;
there each child sleeps serene and hunger free.

At home in my bones, relishing stillness,
I wake to Love’s joyful sunrise Presence,
carefree, openhearted, looking ahead:
today we’ll listen and smile, faithful friend.

Greedy showoffs can’t rile or coerce us
for gentle voices preserve harmony.
Earth’s beauties nourish us with Spirit fruit,
patience and gratitude for all the hours.

Love’s humble dependents mourn injustice;
strugglers and stragglers relate their stories.
Companions on Earth’s Heaven-lit journey,
we preview our legacy at sunset.

Fondly, one of your psalm-writing siblings.

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