Weak Day Prayers – Mulled Psalm 38

On our day to honor You, Holy Friend,
we turn off our devices,
drive to church, spend an hour or two
in “worship” and “fellowship”,
drive home, eat, talk, read, walk and wonder
what’s wrong. Have You unfriended us?
Why do we think You’re testing our love
and we’re failing? Do we need tutoring?
This is supposed to be our strong day
but maybe our bond with You and others
holds better on weak days or sadder days?

Your Spirit Truth scans reveal
heart fractures, mind tumors, soul ulcers,
infections, obstructions, blockages.
Gentle Healer, we come to You, trusting
You will cure our cravings and
carry us through fasting and detox;
You will restore the light in our eyes
as we befriend refugees.
Hope will return as we pray
with Your Love even for enemies.

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