Peace Premiere – Psalm 48

In future present perfect dimension
Love’s orders of magnitude surmount war’s
desolation. Every grudge fades like mist
in Cosmic Creator’s clear urban Light.

New families form; kindness-powered households
spur Shalom’s local global interplay.
Every government, every company
works together building community.

Pangs of awestruck longing pierce fearful hearts
opening peepholes to holy beauty.
Children and grandparents, neighbors and friends
discover the highest power is Love.

Overflowing Ovations – Psalm 47

Applaud Jesus, expatriots of all
domiNations and denomiNations:
delight with babies playing pattycake;
cheer with activists, rippling all fingers.
Jesus, Essence of Love personified,
voids damNation, ends condemNation.
Jesus’ Spirit infusion turns us from
stagNation, guides us through RumiNation
and ImagiNation to Love-governed
RejuveNation. All are glad children,
exuberant Creation Caretakers.
We dance and shout on VeraCity streets.

All Love, No Fear – Psalm 46

We hear You at dawn, Strong One;
we hear You in stillness, Love,
hushing fear’s clamor, calming
anger’s frenzy. We sense You
within, beyond siren’s wail.

Your Shalom alone ends wars,
averts nuclear meltdown.
All find asylum in Your
New Heart City where Joystream
quenches every thirst, heals all.

You convert arms dealers to
peace envoys, guns to windmills.
In the steady current of
Your Love, our courage builds for
non-violent resistance.

Prepare the Way – Psalm 45

Mother Earth greets her Creator Husband;
Mother Church meets her Kinsman Redeemer;
every merry heart welcomes Great Spirit
for the hallowing of our fallow ground.

Announce: Global Shalom’s First Son Arrives,
the only completely Fair One, without
fanfare, renouncing nostalgia. He heals
our neuralgia, pronounces us all new.

Call and respond, little congregations:
strange angels sing of fire-cleansed governments;
all lands bring gifts for Love’s Coronation.
Children, lead the cross-cultural Christmas Dance.

Stories Wanted – Psalm 44

Great Spirit, our Ultimate Ancestor,
in all the grandparents’ treasured stories
Your Wisdom forms the Mother Lode of Peace.

In theory we revere Your Gentleness,
Heaven-born Seed of our Family Tree,
Friend of Earth-friendly natives and migrants.

But when Truth is scorned and Mercy mocked, when
worlD kinG moneY drowns out Creation’s groans,
we get sucked into vengeful victim-hood.

Ever-Keeping-Vigil, never-sleeping
Mother Love, where are You for refugees?
Angels, do you still warn parents in dreams?

We are the grandparents now. What stories
can we tell of You, Peacemaking Brother?
When can we see You in action, Godman?

Appeal – Psalm 43

Show us our purpose again, Heart Seer.
Ingrates keep knocking us off course.

Blaze within and among us, Love Light;
show us next steps to Your High Ground.

We know in our guts Justice and Love
have got to work together, but

why this nail-biting disconnect?
Where are You, Love? Are we estranged?

We’re tired of Hide ‘n Seek games.
Catch us up in Advent Adventure.

Dearest Love – Psalm 42

Our hearts are parched with thirst for justice.
When can we see You in Syria?
Are You with us in Nigeria?

Your precious poor mothers and daughters
walk miles and hours for water.
We close our eyes and see their blank stares.

We search and research, give and forgive.
Your Pure Word cascades in memory’s glade
but jaded jibes siphon our spirits.

It’s Advent and grandmas need to vent.
We’re drowning in words, insane with grief
for child slaves and refugee babies.

Love, when will we hear You in Haiti?
Peace Prince, are You still in Palestine?
Please come soon, Dearest Love, Only Hope!