Unveiling – Psalm 56

Who avoids being reduced to tears?
Whose eyes remain dry in LoveStream’s wake?

Aspiring writers, would-be artists,
we come to You in tears, Creator.

Though defamed, our works (and Yours!) defaced,
we smile, seeing our tears pool with Yours.

All babies’, siblings’, parents’ teardrops
blend on Your watercolor palette.

We dance in Love Story Gallery,
viewing Your Heartbook Parchment paintings.

Winter Lament – Psalm 55

Listener in Chief,
hear Your daughters’ urgent complaint:
crazed with terror, torn from home,
refugees drown or starve
while wealth wielder brags he could shoot
someone in the street and not lose one vote.

It’s so hard to be human
when so many are inhuman,
seems hardest of all for women and children.
Couldn’t we be free spirit doves instead?

All-Divining Sensor,
record our heart murmurs.
We expect outright rejection
from tycoons and buffoons, but
family members’ disrespect floors us.

Frozen in place, stir crazy,
let us hear Your loving voice,
Extra-Sensory Perceiver,
in silent tree shadows
and crystal snow sparkles.

Cross Talk – Psalm 14

What’s our rap? Let’s check our mindset;
get on down to heart gut level,
fill in gaps we found in hindsight,
stop this fooling round with rebels.

Protest? No use. Contest? All lose.
We confess our constant mess-ups,
hurting family, missing friendship.
What’s the problem? No more good news?

Tired of ego’s fight or flight plans,
we admit our sights lack insight;
reach once more for Love’s secure hands,
hands that stretch from noon to midnight.

Tale of Two People-Trees (Psalm 52)

Know-it-Alls shoot up fast, grab the limelight,
show off, boast, posture, multiply branches.
For a time these invasive blabbermouths
hold ruthless sway, but hollow, rootless trunks,
diseased bark, limp limbs foreshadow their fall.

Love Learners grow slowly, deeply rooted,
grounded in old growth faith communities.
These vibrant forest citizens absorb
carbon, clear the air, emit oxygen.
Their kind presence persists, boosts everyone’s
health, recruits new Creator Praise Raisers.

Absolution – Psalm 51

Ever-Loving, All-Surprising One,
here we come, childlike, eager–oh!
Fault assaults weaken intention;
guilt silt build-ups cloud attention;
chagrin erodes our confident grins.
We want to say what You say–yes!
Let the little children come, but
we ignore their story-fishing and
reject their invites to play act.

Clear our clogged channels, Light Master;
dredge us clean of all our grudge sludge;
disinfect us. Re-baptize us
in Your clutter-free downsizing stream.
Christen each of us Your beloved
children, humble, joyful psalmsters.

Risking Epiphany – Psalm 50

Divine Creator,
Orchestrator of nature’s forces,
we hear Your summons;
Your gavel thunders within, without.

Earth’s Wise Magistrate,
Author of Love’s most profound volume,
in reverent silence
all rise as You convene the hearing.

Wondrous Presider,
Universal Precedent Setter,
Your probing jolts us
from glib god-talk to profound quietude.

We stand arraigned by
Your constancy, mesmerized by Your
Creation’s splendor,
indicted for ungrateful religion.

Yet You approach us
more as gentle teacher than stern judge.
All we can say is
Thank You for restoring our heart-sight.

Dear Friends of Christ – Psalm 49

Listen up. Attend. Shun.
Shut off money’s deadly lies.
The Wholehearted One speaks.
Be present to Love’s voice.

Shopping malls maul minds, but
Love’s ever-new eyes realize truth.
Life is all mixed with death,
new with old, happy with sad.

Life-lovers, unite with fresh resolve.
Embrace the paradox:
Love is most alive in death;
deep sleep renews courageous strength.

Rise then in Love’s Understanding,
unfazed by fears disguises.
Greet the new day. Welcome the new year.
Cherish your Divine Spirit Love-life.