Never Too Old to Be Love’s Child – Psalm 71

We are elders who sleep like children,
embraced in Your Peace. Wake us early,
Love. Surprise us with Easter Wonder!
Inner Wellspring, clean our bad news wounds;
bathe stonewalled spirits. Pure Life Water,
we drank You by womb cord and nipple.
Now Your creative juices nourish
prophet poets, musicians, artists.
But we are old and often ignored,
discounted, unread. Make us over
like You did with Abram and Sarah,
Elizabeth and Zechariah.
Life Renewer, help bitter Maras
live up to pleasant Naomi names.
Home-free in Your Presence, like Anna
and Simeon, we will tell, write, play,
sing, portray daily Your Ageless Grace.

Holy Weak – Psalm 69

Heart Guard, Life Preserver, Love Lord: Come! Help!
We are swamped, shamed, disdained, denigrated,
relegated to ghettos of regret,
stuck in mistakes, spawning maelstroms of angst.
What good are all our earnest petitions?
Persecution persists; torture triumphs.

Jesus, Your honest, humble followers
labor, sweat, wither, grieve, fast, shiver, starve.
Sucked into soil-water-air-polluting
cycles, we yearn for corporate revenge.
When will those who cause sickness be sickened,
exploiters exposed and prosecuted?

Spirit alive in spring breeze and blossoms:
rain shalom on bombscapes; shine love
in prisons, hospitals, refugee camps.
Change spoiled pouters to delighted praisers,
spurned doubters to compassionate trusters.
With nature’s choir we’ll rise, exuberant.

Hosanna – Psalm 68

Crown Prince of Shalom, where today are Your
Spirit flames melting war profiteers’ hearts?
Can we join Your global peace procession
or was Palm Sunday a mocking pretense?

Love, assert Your innate authority:
captivate judges and legislators
with Your restorative justice for all
while former exploiters dissolve in tears.

Cloud Driver Most Sublime, we acclaim You
most earthy, moving daily load lifters,
directing all angels, seen and unseen
guardians, messengers, dancers, singers.

Freedom March Leader, Your heart megaphones
boom from bombed homes, bleached bones and makeshift camps,
calling new generations of Easter
people to refugee relief brigades.

Celestial Creator, we adore You,
foreseeing all rulers honoring Your
rule of Love, every creative spirit
united in Your peace-making orbit.

Light – Psalm 67

Pulsating kaleidoscope beauty
stuns dizzied, pain-shocked body to breathe
eyes-closed peace after stairway tumble.

Brown seeds sprout white in black soil, spring forth
green by Your sun power, Creator;
gardeners in all time zones marvel.

Infinite Iridescence of Love,
surprise us anew: say again Let
there be light; turn on Your humble bulbs.

Transfiguring, Resurrecting Light,
glow in and through Your beacon people
relighting every extinguished wick.

Stones Cry Out – Psalm 66

Uniter, Your global Live-for-Love
Movement rallies creative people
of all tribes in all-out gratitude.

Way Maker, Your Die-for-Love power
ends ego bondage. Chaos draws back;
we follow Your Resurrection Path.

Dream Keeper, Your Listening Love wakes
hibernating disciples. New songs
lift every ban on grandparent love.

Morning Has Broken – Psalm 65

Hearts at home in Your Live Silence
sense Your approach, Majestic Love.
Dumbfounded with wonder at dawn
we chirp Your praise, Earth Sky Artist.
Unlike carefree birds we incur
guilt, but Your Grace rights every wrong.
First or last resort, refugee
or aid worker, all call on You.

Mountain Ranging Spirit, You Wow
us wide awake to Love’s Power.
We are children playing outdoors,
having picnics in Your garden.
Loving Provider, You sustain
all life in all seasons. We cheer
with robins, rejoice with rainbows,
stand in awe of ocean sunscapes

Just Mercy – Psalm 64

Child Protector, come, look, help!
Can the cross necklace prevent
another rape in the name of peace?

Heart Healer, come near, listen:
cross and flag hucksters use scare
tactics to mask lust, fan hate.

Life Ruler, turn braggarts inside out,
knifed by their own callous plots,
shocked, humbled, swiftly silenced.

Then we’ll party with the poor,
ecstatic as Love weds Justice.