Holy Weak – Psalm 69

Heart Guard, Life Preserver, Love Lord: Come! Help!
We are swamped, shamed, disdained, denigrated,
relegated to ghettos of regret,
stuck in mistakes, spawning maelstroms of angst.
What good are all our earnest petitions?
Persecution persists; torture triumphs.

Jesus, Your honest, humble followers
labor, sweat, wither, grieve, fast, shiver, starve.
Sucked into soil-water-air-polluting
cycles, we yearn for corporate revenge.
When will those who cause sickness be sickened,
exploiters exposed and prosecuted?

Spirit alive in spring breeze and blossoms:
rain shalom on bombscapes; shine love
in prisons, hospitals, refugee camps.
Change spoiled pouters to delighted praisers,
spurned doubters to compassionate trusters.
With nature’s choir we’ll rise, exuberant.

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