Equilibrium – Psalm 75

Birdsong delights; robin’s eggs astound.
But among Your human family,
God, there are tragic disconnects.
Many teeter on life-death brinks,
used, abused, disgorged from homelands
while proud exploiters gorge themselves.
Yet honest hearts hear Your verdict,
Supreme Love Justice. Your voice stills
skeptics’ cynical rhetoric.
You compel titans to imbibe
their own brew; they stagger offstage.
Spring happens. Balance is restored.

Long Time Passing – Psalm 74

Life Web Weaver, have You vacated
Your loom? Calm One, please come back.
String pullers dismember families;
sanity frays; love lines unravel.
Your green canopy is stretched too thin;
beef producers hack Your tapestries.

Torture-enduring, Death-reversing
Lover, come, retrieve banished truth-tellers;
unlock cages, remove muzzles;
lead us from techie tunnels and mazes
to Shalom’s acclaimed wonderland.
However embryonic, show us
one mockery-proof sign soon.

Flowering Love – Psalm 73

Why do we doubt Your focal power?
Envy’s knives split our eyes.
I bleed anger at those who never
agonize, who gladly take advantage:
they; they; they; they antagonize.
Where does Your silent Joy pervade?
She can’t breathe: fumes choke her nostrils;
machine din ruins his eardrums.

Yet today in adjacent prison cells,
on flotsam strewn beaches,
at writing conferences,
whenever, wherever You seize
two or more of us with Holy Creeps,
taking us to Your triune vantage point,

conversations start, communion happens.
There is no more “they”. Insight heals hindsight
in Your self-cleaning foresight Love.
We bloom, quiet, content, beaming Your Peace.

You Teach As One Who Has Authority – Psalm 72

Royal Love, give grown-ups Your Shalom Keys;
show wise ones how to unlock poverty’s
shackles and crack exploiters’ secret codes.

Most Superb Gift Giver, may Earth’s gifted
leaders embody Your Creative Love.
Come, enliven all minds, all heads of state.

Heart King, hum Your Planetary Anthem;
sing Peace on each humble family farmland;
chant Forest Joy; dance River Contentment.

Earthcentric Love, born of Galactic Light,
point the way out of caves; refocus eyes;
unbind limbs. Rise, rule in brilliant rainbeams.