Pause – Psalm 81

Huge gratitude must erupt! Whoop it up:
worship the One who overpowers all;
sing, drum, clap, strum, dance for Love’s magnitude.

Afterward familiar heart whispers rise:
we got this, you thought, but were soon strung out,
bound to fast tracks; I freed you, remember?

I am your disarming servant master.
Listen to me again now. I am Love.
From holiday weekend din, come within
for holy healing and heaven’s foretastes.

Reboot – Psalm 80

What good are we in these disunited
states of amnesia and inertia?
What God are You in these extremities
of obscene wealth and abject poverty?
We who pray are losing our will to live;
those who live it up see no need to pray.

Resurgent Love, break through chronic frown fog:
reappear at weddings; repair shaky
marriages; reorient graduates
to Your sweet, quiet birds-eye, child-smile view.
Centering Spirit, reengage sidelined
elders; refuel earth-tenders with Your Love-
generating wind songs through rain to sun.

Grim and Grimmer? – Psalm 79

Vulture capitalists defile
Your Love-Lit Planet, Creator.
Power-drunk moguls desecrate
hallowed lands, foul living waters.
Why are so few of us alarmed?
How long will we who are appalled
be scorned and cynics idolized
while oil slicks and carcinogens
multiply, under-reported?
Will You end the carnage, Mourning
Dove Song Author and Audience?
When can we celebrate Your Life
Renewing, Role Reversing Love?

Storytelling – Psalm 78

History Spirit speaks. Nothing is simple.
Moral legacy keepers, earth-tenders
croon multi-language laments for lost tribes,
lonely elders, broken covenants, frail
marriages, failed adoptions; confessions;
obsessions; addictions; competitions.

Mystery Spirit speaks. All is simple.
Happy grandparents, loving aunts and uncles
tell wonders: climbing out, helping others
after bridge collapse; close calls, providence;
sound sleep, nutrition; joy in work and play;
plenty fresh clean water for everyone.

Love Wisdom speaks. Simply listen.
Fledgling congregations, Shalom walkers
sing each other awake with spirited
ballads, amazing tales of forgiveness,
perseverance, reconciliation,
generosity, regeneration.

Angels in Hindsight – Psalm 77

Hearer of sleep-killer screams,
is there no exit from this maze?
Love Guide, are You a phantom
conjured in cancer’s blind alleys,
crucified, resurrected,
levitating in the iCloud?
Still with suffering sisters’ eyes
we perceive You, stripped of cliche.

Hold back word floods, Love Leader;
sandbag fear’s crest for exodus.
Tongue of Fire, be my mantra;
Cleansing Breeze, synchronize our breaths.
Summon today’s Berrigans,
tomorrow’s Harriet Tubmans.

Treaty Entreaty

Heart-splintered peace troopers still raise placards
for You, Creative Shalom Genius.

From mountains of evidence, brilliant minds
look to You, Cacophony Silencer.

Livid with Love, through blinding white hot tears
we glimpse You at boiling points and meltdowns.

Ferocious fighters turn in their weapons,
hypnotized by You, Emancipator.

Terrorists and terrorized, governors
and governed–all join Your Global Peace Force.