Aging in Place – Psalm 90

Ageless, timeless, Home-making Love,
we have to trust You, but somewhere
between big bang and pending doom
our quick lives seem rootless, fruitless.

Families disintegrate while
faults proliferate; landfills expand.
You must be fed up with us, Love.
Each day another child is lost.

Are we too old to be tutored?
Take us to Your Homeroom, Spirit,
where no honest writing attempt
dies; each year’s joys outweigh its grief.

Renew us at dawn, Lovely One;
ready us for Your epic days
outdoors or at home with children,
awed how You empower our words.

Still Wondering – Psalm 89

Quintessence of Love, we bird-brain poets
chirp Your wonders: galactic fireworks;
oceans; mountains; seen and unseen angels.

Ultimate Godparent, we small parents
hum Your war-ceasing, peace wisdom Heart Songs.
But now do we repel You and children?

Pure Love Spirit, will You yet recharge us
with the gentle, faithful patience of trees?
Can our firefly verses spark new powwows?


Crying, Praying, Calling – Psalm 86

Listen, Heart Murmur Hearer:
urgent appeals; constant pleas
from broken, diseased, love-starved
ones who’ve lost the will to live.

Divine, One of a Kind Love:
only You invigorate;
only Your Way recreates
community, sustains hope.

Word Supplier, give us clues
that You hear our small voices.
Free us from fear’s tentacles;
shield us from hatred’s attacks.

From international roots
unite scattered relatives.
Breathe peace through hurting children,
Heart Family Nurturer.

Promise – Psalm 85

In good old days everywhere
You blessed earnest efforts, Love,
rewarded devout workers.

You pardoned colonizers,
even forged heart bonds between
master and slave descendants.

Are we at odds with You now?
Wondrous One, rebaptize us;
help us recognize Your Truth.

Let all grievances be aired,
wrongs righted and amends made;
remove congealed rancor, Love.

Holy Breeze, caress our eyes:
touch us with joyous awe as
rain and sun kiss; rainbows beam.

Live-Streaming Shalom – Psalm 84

We yearn for Your Home Place, Love,
where every body becomes
a happy, beauty-filled child.

Eager to see You, we walk, stand,
listen, watch in tree cathedrals.
Eager to be with You, we retreat,
camp, nest on protected lands.

Better to clean up streams and streets,
merrily tending Your Green Earth,
than travel for kicks, trashing seas.

Under Your spacious pavilion
we gather, telling joy stories,
chanting, singing Heaven’s Hearth Hymns,
growing glad resilient spirits.

Drowned Out – Psalm 83

LOVE, we who drink Your blood juice need to hear from You!
Shouting matches escalate with finger-pointing;
we’re caught in echo chambers of false accusations.
Braggarts smear Your public servants’ reputations;
demigods and sensation seekers trivialize your name.
Dear Mercy, please invade gang leaders’ minds;
destroy their dragnets with acts of God.
Dispense Your compassionate justice for all to realize.