Sublime One – Psalm 99

You command universal attention;
social climbers stumble, totter.
Playing-Field Leveler, Angel Marshall,
You link us to ancient cohorts,
transfiguring honest listeners as priests.
Royal Guide, refine all leaders’
consciences with Your transcendent justice.
We adore You, Essence of Love.

Sounds of Surprise – Psalm 98

Greet Jesus at new Joyspring Dawn,
childhearted people everywhere.
Catch Love’s view of death birthing life.
Receive your Peace Power day-fill,
spilling over in new word tunes.
All day, all around the world, songs
mesh adults and kids, work and play.
Creator’s oceanic chords
anchor, yet propel our hymn streams.
Rappers bounce up-tempo rhymes off
bright cliffs on keyboard crescendos.
Rapturous ovations thunder
for Love’s wondrous, wise, kind justice.

Strength in Weakness – Psalm 97

Island children, peasants, all who live close
to earth and sky revere You, Creator.
Lightning cracks our illusions of grandeur.

Earth exploiters’ moxie evaporates;
temps rise; forest fires and earthquakes increase
in tandem with political tantrums.

But, Love, You rule: whirling in countless stars
You spark hope in hearts lost in hope’s vacuum;
Your light withers power-mad, brain-dead gods.

Pulsing with Your Joyous Peaceful Spirit
we dance the spokes of Life’s intricate web,
singing thank You, Ageless Love; all is well.

Fresh Awe – Psalm 96

Most Songworthy One, Light of All Years,
Your heartstrong vibes enthrall every sphere.

Ocean Whisperer, Tree Singer, You
open minds with lyrics ever new.

Truth Spirit strips off idol’s disguise,
governs lovingly under all skies.

Breath Catcher reveals get-real beauty;
artists enjoy Love-inspired duties.

Most Wise One, convene Peace Assemblies;
heal all gun-wounded communities.

Sabbath – Psalm 95

Ooooooay, ay, ay!  You–weeeee, yay, ay, ay!
Today, come Sunday, someday sing joy
whole body, every body play Yay
thank You harmony, beauty, wonder
for Your high mountain, deep ocean Love!

Oh Way! See now, hear Angel Mother,
Brother Guide? Yes, coming, listening
quiet, shy gentle hearts, effortless
dance, no pushback; rest in Holy Peace.

Shout Out – Psalm 94

Pure Love, True Justice, Divine Seer,
only You can be everywhere at once.
We long to believe You were, are,
will be active in all hearts.

But headlines scream Your seeming absence
on streets, in courts; even in homes
and houses of worship, arrogant
presumptions strangle compassion.

Word Fire, Eye Maker, Ear Tuner,
burn Your way through blinders;
melt away encrypted fear plugs;
sear numb consciences.

Renewal – Psalm 92

Call us tree people, the world’s lungs:
we bask in Godshine, imbibe live water,
convert fumes to fresh air; we summon all
to voice joyous, Spirit Breeze praise.

On wondrous Sundays or any
Dayspring Retreat Day, creative songs soar;
at Potter’s House and Wild Goose Festival
artists present Love’s gifts anew.

Meanwhile quick bucksters bite the dust;
Divine Justice bursts inflated egos,
opening paths for humble peace cyclists,
poets, dancers of all ages.

Affirmation – Psalm 91

In Love’s hidden house of words
(the eternal household of faith)
we always belong, courageous.

Love Alive embraces us;
day and night Love Alert
wards off anxiety’s barrage.

Though we fail a thousand times
fear of failure can’t touch us.
Houseparents’ earnest child angels,

serene ancestor angels
and all kinds of anonymous
angels keep building our Love Trust.

Wherever we go we’re home
together, content, worry free,
authentic, articulate.