Thank You and Please – Psalm 107

Extreme Love, You never desert us
but we get lost in ever-expanding deserts.

You free us, You lead us to free others;
why are so many still enslaved?

You create us healthy on this good earth
yet we pollute, sicken, need Your healing wisdom.

Fearless Love, You steady us through all storms;
how will we follow You in disaster zones?

Can all of us care for the poor as You do?
What would You have us learn from history?

Reorientation – Psalm 106

Between thanksgivings we often ignore You,
Holy Peace,
lapse into ignorance, revert to complaining.

Between blessings and bliss we forget You,
Holy Joy,
captured by contagious cravings.

Between compassion and justice we overlook You,
Holy Love,
disoriented with fearful impatience.

Yet Your Reconciling Spirit
renews peace
through humble truth telling.

Your Vibrant Creative Spirit
renews joy
in church family gatherings.

Your Tender, Attentive Spirit
renews love
even for faithless, hopeless ones like us.

Love Without Borders – Psalm 105

Faithful Family Builder, Constant Community Developer,
our people-loving lives revolve around You. 
Companion of trusting souls,
Your wisdom and kindness heal painful memories.

At day's or decade's end we rejoice for miracle rescues,
give thanks for Your protection and provision,
humble leaders, just-in-time food and water supplies.

Commander of all nature's forces,
You marshall light and darkness, blood and water,
amphibians and insects, lightning and hail, life and death.

Awe-striking Orchestrator of all molecules in earth, air,
fire and water, we worship You. Divine-Human Covenant Maker, 
Sacred Promise Keeper, we adore You.

Merry Ecology – Psalm 104

We poet creatures yearn to portray You,
Cosmic Creator, Sole Light and Life Source.
Your vast silence quells chaos, invites us
back to Creation's womb. There we hear Your
"Let there be" and "Let the dry land appear".

We earthlings long to be present to You,
Body-Spirit Joiner and Nourisher.
By water sounds or wind touch You call each
wild soul to thrive, tending our garden home.
Birds, horses, bees, friends inspire, encourage.

We artists eagerly celebrate You,
Sun Generator, Moon Phase Tide Mover.
Breathing through us, You balance and sustain 
our biorhythms; by wise, kind insight
You ensure provision of food for all.

Gratitude Translation – Psalm 103

Soul friends celebrate You, Creator Love:
each cell of every live body pulsates 
with Your mind-sweeping, healing energy.
You reverse aging; we're children again,
content in Your smile, telling our stories.
Many mini-monsters had me pinned down
but You, Great Good Spirit, blew them to Mars.
I fell off a cliff, figured I was dead,
but clown angels brought me to Your village.
Divine Parent, author of our planet's
house rules, we dance with all beings of light,
crazy glad for how lovingly You care.

Hear us, Love – Psalm 102

Love over all, are You there
still listening to bare-bone sighs?
How can we know You care for
widowed refugee parents?

Love for all, where will orphaned
children find answers to prayer?
Only You can bear to hear;
only You can end nightmares.

Love among us, ferret out
scare-raising booby trappers.
By Your Light we dare to greet
each other, bury grudges.

Love in us, remove all snares;
clarify healing power;
aerate creative channels
for public square newcomers.

Resolved – Psalm 101

We will write our life-song tribute to You,
 Irresistibly Loving Arbiter.
                                     (Can we see You soon?)
We will not be enticed by frills or thrills
but delight in Your home-building friendship.

We will not condone braggarts or bullies
but condemn bigotry and backstabbing.

We will steer our course to New Peaceful Realm
by Your trusty buoy lights and foghorns.
                                      (Are we coming close?)