The Good Book – Psalm 119

Voice of Love, we read You with growing joy.
Beyond imagining, Your Story has
no start or end, yet jibes indelibly
with all we observe by science or art.

Word of Love, we need Your Playbook for all
life's overlapping stages--student to
teacher, child to parent to grandparent.
Without Your wise cues our improv fizzles.

Mother Lode of Love, we seek and find You
between lines, behind scenes, deep in authors'
plots and characters' minds. On every page
of Your Book of Books, Truth facets glisten.

Seed Bank of Love, You keep our souls fertile,
sprouting year-round harvests of poetry
greens and drought-resistant prose grains in Your
Historic Library's Public Gardens.

Ever-living Legacy of Love, lead
us in Your Creative Peacemaking Way.
Teach us to meditate on Your Prayer Book,
mediate conflicts and honor treaties.

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