November End (Psalm 142)

I know no We right now,
feel only me, yet sense You, Love,
hearing hell-on-earth bawls,
seeing crestfallen eyes.

Wasting away in my
who-cares-anyway cell, I call
Jesus, Help refugees!
Free water protectors!

Eternal Love Spirit
puts me in solidarity 
with each displaced person.
God, send New Advent Hope!

Evening Prayers (Psalm 141)

Lonely spirits sigh for You, Great Love;
every bone and muscle craves Your strength.
Some light candles; others wave smudge sticks.
Hands up, we surrender in silence.

Turn off our auto-pilot chatter,
Heart Guide; defuse anger's explosives.
Keep us on Your Peacemaking Wavelength,
free of sound byte darts and impulses.

Most Perceptive Counselor, help us
correct our vision through friends' critiques.
When will monied power grabbers lose
their tearannical grip on sad souls?

Search Your Church – Psalm 139

Boundless Discerning Presence of Love*
Your gaze tempers our travel urges,
assuages desires to find ourselves.
Your Lifelight fills us in sleep's dark womb;
we wake mesmerized and mystified.
Will we follow Your leading today?
Will You please remove those who divide
us from You and from one another?
Look us in the eye, Love; see our fears;
hold our gaze on Your endless Joyway.

*Thanks to Peter Bankson of Seekers Church 
 for "104 Million Metaphors for God"

Thank You (Psalm 136)

Love Beauty, You bathe our senses each day
with ever new sky, soil, water blessings.
Your River of Kindness never runs dry.

Universal Provider, You supply 
above and beyond all anyone needs.
Your River of Kindness never runs dry.

Merciful Justice Mystery, You demote
demonizers; You will open duped minds.
Your River of Kindness never runs dry.