Grand Finale (Psalm 148-150)

Angels praise The Ancient Arriving One
Bright blessed ones praise Bestower of Beauty 
Composers praise Our Cosmic Companion 
Dancers praise The One Who Delights In Us
Each creature's essence praises Creator
Free spirits praise The One Who Sets Us Free
Good governors praise Great Glorious Guide
Humble hearts praise One Who Humbled Himself 
Indigenous tribes praise Immanent One
Jurists praise The Just Judge of All the Earth
Kindred souls praise The Gentlest Kindest One
Lifelong lovers praise Giver of All Life
Musicians praise Most Melodious Muse
New-Agers praise One Who Makes All Things New
Ocean Ovations praise Omnicient One
Poets praise Prayer-and-Play-Powered Presence 
Questors praise The One Who Quiets Squallers
Readers of nature praise Rainbow Artist
Scientists praise Serene Stupendous One
Tellers of tall tales praise Great Tree Talker
Underdogs praise The One Who Understands
Vibrant folk praise Love's Vigilant Vigor
Walkers praise The Wellspring of Wellbeing 
XYZ generations praise The Christ!

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