The day I turned five we drove a long way
back to the state where I and my sister 
were born when we lived with gram and grampa.
But this time we got our own red brick house
cuz now we had Billy, and Mommy was
growing another baby already.

It must have seemed strange to leave my first school 
in late October. I can't remember 
either kindergarten. Progress reports 
from both teachers cheer me still: "plays well with
others" ... "makes friends of the lasting type though
not one to make a lot of friends quickly."

Old photos taken in sunlight restore
the simple happiness I knew outside--
seeing, being seen, posing with shy smile.
Of course I never sucked my thumb outside.
Was excited, running to greet cousins;
curious, eager to climb the hill out back.

Many hills, valleys, friends and years later 
my kindergarten heart shines with grateful 
praise to the Divine Parent, Creator,
the One I sensed in wind, water and trees,
Love Power who grew me as a daughter,
sister, student, teacher, mom, now grama.

I'm grateful this Great Love grew Aunt Nancy
to be my son's kindergarten teacher.
I treasure Duffy's five-year old wisdom:
"Maybe God will pull the rain strings back up."
And another day when asked "Where's God?"
"God's up in the clouds singing with the birds."

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