1-1-61 Writing practice begun.
First line same every day except numbers:
"Slept from 2:30 to 9:00 (6 1/2)" that first day.
Back late New Years Eve from Grand Rapids 
days with grandparents, dozen cousin daze?
"Slept for two hours" after church, dinner & dishes.
(I'd add the nap to the weekly tally for an 8 1/2 hour average)
Until the new "Back to God Chapel" was finished at Easter
A.M. church was in an old building on a country road.
For dinner we had rabbit (!!Who shot and cleaned it?)
P.M. church was in our living/ dining room.
Each Sunday I noted the scriptures and sermon titles:
that day Hebrews 11:13, Christian Pilgrims
and Psalm 90:1&2, God With Us in 1961.
Afterward "Dad & Mom went to Bolt's in Cadillac"
I "Babysat," going to sleep in their bed.

Girl of the Limberlost, Diary of Anne Frank, Return of the Native
Most nights I read in bed, averaging a book a week,
more when off school--The Silver Chalice, The Yearling, The Nun..
With friends, school was a high, even the long bus ride
except when we were late or I talked & had to write lines
in study hall or we didn't get a ping pong table at noon.
Friends on farms closer to school hosted me overnight 
sometimes after ball games or other evening events.
Mom gave a book review at the Silver Tea (wonder what book)
and I recited an original poem at the Mother-Daughter Banquet.
Other firsts were roller-skating parties, vegetable gardening 
and driving (!) with Dad but on regular roads.
Highlight of the year was Youth Conference Camp weekend (though
may have been more fun if preacher-teacher Dad wasn't there?)

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