Freshman year flew by. I lived with Gram,
savored quiet meals at her flower-graced table;
drove her to church and stores, took bus to campus.
Found new friends in Honors English, art class
and Cousin Ken's local G.R. non-dorm crowd.
Summer Workshop in Missions (SWIM) was my communal lifeline.
Gloria, Betty, Carol and I were assigned to a new church
on Beelzebub Rd! in South Windsor, Connecticut.
Family letters detailed road trip mishaps,
menus (they loved our strawberries) and every day
new people, impressions, conversations 
at church and VBS, in homes and outdoors.
Most indelible were the scriptures I chose
(Isaiah 40, Matthew 5 and 2 Corinthians 4)
when my turn came for team devotions
and our kneeling prayer times in the sanctuary.
Most exciting was the NYC trip: World's Fair, 
overnight at Aunt Ruth's Queens apartment,
Harlem church meeting with all area SWIM teams.



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