Gertrude DeWitt taught third, fourth and fifth grades
in Sheboygan where Theunis Ribbens' sisters befriended her.

Marjorie Ribbens earned room and board near Franklin campus
doing childcare and housework with the Brunson family.

Katie Bogard, bookkeeper, traveled to cities with sister
buying supplies and selling their handmade hats.

Marjorie Anne studied Fromm, Kozol and Montessori;
wrote term paper "Education for Loving".

Clarice VDK roomed with girlfriends; finished Calvin;
got engaged to Bill Ribbens; started nurse's training.

Marjorie wrote to Aunt Ruth, couldn't "understand 
why no one in the family except Calvin likes Ted".

Ruth VandeKieft, president of nonresident students,
graduated from Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Marj roomed with Mary Schans; worked at Altman's;
took classes at New York School of Visual Arts.

Jean Roorda lived with Mom, nursed baby Judah; started
researching vaccines; worked as church secretary.

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