Impulsive, flighty, hardly an adult
though intrigued with independence 
I lived with five girlfriends in an old house
near the one where Ted lived with guy friends.
Babysat young cousins sometimes;
felt at home like in Harlem at Madison Square 
where Ted taught Sunday School.
Admired his cheerful, hard-working immigrant mother
and was awed by his cab-driving job.
We applied for Peace Corps, were accepted, assigned!
But had to give it up: I was pregnant.
Wow, must have gone all the way--when?!
Hormones had run rampant; I was blind,
confusing passion with compassion,
in love with love. And Love saw me through
student teaching High School Art;
graduation at Knollcrest, marriage in Franklin Chapel
where Mom and Dad were married and where we'd met;
camping trip to Canada, Maine, Cape Cod;
summer in Ruth's Manhattan apartment 
while she was in Europe, Ted working at Altman's.
I may have had twenty loves by then
but none as real as baby Christopher 
stirring in my body's vibrant chrysalis.

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