At summer's end we moved to Ontario
where Ted taught at Jarvis Christian School.
A motel cabin was home for seven last weeks
of pregnancy. I nurtured nesting instincts;
braided a rug, painted a rocking chair.
Craving sweet corn, took ears from an unfenced field;
boiled, buttered, salted but tasteless. Oh, field corn!
Finally our top floor Simcoe apartment was ready.
After the long moving day we slept until
labor pains started at 3 a.m. October 20.
Twelve hours later our son was born;
took him home on my 22nd birthday.
I was reborn with Christopher (Dopher, Baby Duff),
nursing, napping, singing, talking,
hanging clean diapers to dry in balcony sun,
discovering Lake Erie Sand Hills Park.
It was a year of kairos time and space for
forming a new satellite family, a nucleus 
sprung from roving Ribbens-Roorda transplants.

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