SuperLove supplied Duffy and Rhonda with joyous care:
neighbor Mrs. Milich was always there with a yard full of kids;
Cousin Chris Cramer from Michigan nannied one summer month;
Aunts Nancy and Joyce lived in the metro area; 
room & boarders like George Cooper and Dave Campbell helped out;
best of all were overnights with church softball team families.

Holy Joy bore me through another long Sunday of labor,
this time with Lamaze breaths, two trips to Baltimore
and a walk with Ted by the harbor between cervical exams.
At 12:10 a.m. on my thirty-first birthday 
in the University of Maryland hospital lobby
an administrative nurse delivered our daughter Jean.


Flurries of visual arts and writings overflowed the six weeks
I took off work, including a five page account "My Birth Day".
Jesus' Peace Power kept us confident we could support
our growing family of five and I still
dreamed we'd adopt a son.

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