With birthday money I subscribed to Sojourners and The Other Side.
We were back in Maryland, kids back in Christian school 
and I was pleased to be teaching Art there.
Ted had bought a lovely lot on a wooded hill in Takoma Park
where he would build his dream house, a geodesic dome.
We rented a house in Wheaton for six months.
On March 28, church friends helped Ted nail and raise the
ninety-triangle frame, including hexagon & pentagon windows.
I was eager to move in, but finishing would take many months.
We were blessed meanwhile to live in Bosma's house.
To stay grounded in the whirl of helping finish the dome,
driving the kids to their Takoma Park paper route, 
teaching, and doing APJ work, I read at least a book a week:
Lewis's Narnia tales, Lion of Judah, and space trilogy;
O'Connor's Journey Inward, Journey Outward and Our Many Selves;
Seerveld's Rainbows for a Fallen World; DeWitt's Earthkeeping.
Wrote in my journal: We will not be permitted to finish 
building our house, I believe, until we build our home (family).
Though it seems impossible to finance and find time to finish
the dome, it is even more difficult to build a home--takes things
that can't be bought with money or work, like humility, prayer,
love, patience. And all the seeming gain of one day can be lost
by a careless word or the slight overindulgence of introspection.

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