Reading Elizabeth O’Connor’s Our Many Selves,
feared I had way too many, all competing, none complete.
Shivering Child cried for non-working woodstove.
Artist drew self-portraits; poet wrote haiku.
Dream Log Keeper questioned therapist;
Would-be Nun did last ditch family counseling.
Wife took Florida trip with husband.
C’s Mom idealized church hike.
R’s Mom beamed as she made Profession of Faith.
J’s Mom okayed Friesland trip.
Homemaker battled fleas in carpet, beetles in crawl space.
Niece winterized, cleaned, planted at Pocono house.
Budgeter fumed at tax debt levies and credit card interest.
Seniors’ Minister served as Beulah’s conservator.
Master’s Student led Seniors Summer in Park program.
CRC Member published Banner Voice.

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