Every day new combos of jobs, friends,
family, walks, drives, prayers, meals.
Oh, the places You led me, Spirit!
The ways people encouraged me to lead
in senior center formation at DC CRC,
adult day care at University Fellowship 
and art classes at Sarah’s Circle.
Oh, the dear faces helping me focus
on whatever was true, noble, lovely:
Elizabeth O’Connor in “Journey to Freedom”
(Call) class at Servant Leadership School;
Katherine and Louise at my apartment;
Joe Bailey, Dr. Tom, Clara Chichester,
Mr. Walton and other Daysharers 
gathering around lunch tables at church.
You blessed our comings and goings, Gentle One,
working for our good in all circumstances:
October birthdays 12, 21, and 43 at my apartment;
Thanksgiving with family in Blacksburg;
Duff and Dave’s help moving from hi-rise to Hillwood;
last times at the dome—Mandela’s release on TV;
last time playing piano by the big window;
last paper routes for Jean and me;
first trip to Nancy and Marv’s in New Hampshire.

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