I journaled my way through that year
on a nine-day Spirit-fruit cycle.
In marriage,(grand)parenting and teaching,
on each Dayshare trip,
                           during each talk
Love grew, boosting its eight hardy hybrids.
Joy ripened as Judah whispered You’re my best friend!
God’s Peace filled Dayspring, DCCRC, SSCRC
and the CRCs we visited in five other states.
Patience flourished, nourished by Jim and our kids.
Kindness multiplied in thoughtful gifts and services
from ESL students, Karen and Sung.
Goodness and Mercy! Good times, good friends, new and old,
good talks over good books at Earl and Terry Kepler’s.
Faith bore fruit in Jim’s service as deacon and treasurer;
Mom inspired me to faithful correspondence 
with prisoners via Crossroad Bible Institute.
We celebrated the lives of Gentle Souls—
John Kocisko, Richard O’Connor, Jim Bosma, Ismay Cruikshank;
on 9-11 a Greenbelt church sign offered the gentle reminder
We weep with those who weep.
What better place than Greenbelt to foster Self Control?
Walking, swimming, ping pong and tennis; gardening;
picnics in our yard with family and friends;
tutoring Sergey and Vitaly with Greenbelt Cares.

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