It was a good Greenbelt year—
Jean and Judah here three weeks,
game night at Beckert’s,
tutoring at Shrom Hills,
Poetry Plus at the library,
Writers Group at the community center,
proofreading for Greenbelt News Review
and doing the birds-i-view article,
picnics, visits, talks with family and friends,
walks or jogs by the lake, swims at the fitness center,
driving the Prius in the Labor Day Parade.
At church Jim’s deacon term ended, mine began.
I still drove Dayshare passengers sometimes
plus frequent pro bono drives 
and did poetry/ sensory stimulation classes
with the SAGE program at Collington.
Jim and I were grateful for safe travels—
December family reunion in the Poconos,
May weekend in Chesapeake VA with Jim’s Aunt Ida
and famous musical family, The Hunts,
June weekend in Delaware doing a 10k Volksmarch
and August Adirondack, Champlain Valley trip.

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