Treasured words from 2 y.o. Lena — I love you, you’re like Oma;
question from 3 y.o. Felicity — Are you Mary Poppins;
advice from 75 y.o. widow at the pool — I’ll soon be out
and your fearless leader can join you, enjoy him while you can;
Facebook post from 32 y.o. Jean — Goin to Hawaii
and we’re gonna get ma-ar-ied;
from 12 y.o. Judah — I love my life and my family;
farewell from 68 y.o. friend Mary VanderHart — See you Marj;
Barbara Simon’s Rite of Passage Library Story 
I portrayed in Transition Theater’s Greenbelt Voices;
and the Mullstream question— How Can I Keep from Writing.


Stayed sane writing then revising Psalm poems.
Savored serene moments in each season:
solitude one Ashland Autumn Morning,
Jean, Michael and Judah gone overnight;
solace one Greenbelt Winter Afternoon 
opening boxes of Mulled Words, my first book;
tearshine in Spring Prayers—indoors, out, alone,
at home, away, with Jim, Mom and others;
Summer Shalom with Judah in six states,
then holding and rocking baby Seren.

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“So teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart”
152 days featured time with 3 to 4 year old Lily Ung-Weaver.
Grandma Gifter, thanks for 53 days with 10 year old Judah.
All-Loving One, how You grew my love
with Mom here 25 nights total, Joyce 28;
on trips with family 17, with Jim 24 nights!
All-Wise One, what did I learn in 88 Bible Studies,
book discussions or Sunday School classes
that year of three all-too-soon funerals,
of Clara and Stephen’s wonderful wedding 
and of Jim’s and my tenth anniversary?