Praise You, Soul/Mind Love, in
Pastor Meg’s Psalm Sermon Series and 
Poet Rod Jellema’s Psalm-writing Class.
Thank You, Heart/Soul Love, for
Meditation Group with Greenbelt friends,
for Climate Action Peer Support Group
and for Vespers at St. John’s Episcopal.
Bless You, Whole Person Love, through 
DCCRC’s Strength Finder Retreat.
Yay, Heart/Strength Love, for grandsons
Thomas Christopher Roorda and Ernest Mavyn DeFauw!


Love gave us new people to nurture:
we were Heeyun Lee’s host parents,
glad to meet his friends and have him meet ours;
my childcare grandma times brought smiles
with the Ausema girls and McClellan boys.
DCCRC grew in faith and outreach as Pastor Meg Jenista 
joined Minister of Worship and Music Katie Roelofs.
Jim retired in December and we spent a week with Dave,
Charissa and newborn Tyler Nicole Gray in Boulder.
In March we met Jean and sons at DeFauw’s in Ohio;
brought Judah to Greenbelt and DC one last time.
Nigerian Stephen Enada was our guest in July
for the first of many advocacy meetings.
Creator called me to Stephanie Miracle’s dance class,
to Greenbelt Climate Action Peer Support Group 
and on 13 miles of the Walk for our Grandchildren.
Joy drew us to Loft Cottage at Castleman River
for our 15th anniversary in August, and back
to Ashland and Boulder for family fun in September.


Alive at 65 in Seasonal Renewal
   Fall: Two-church women’s retreat
   Thanksgiving in Blacksburg   
   Eleven Advent days in Ashland 
   Winter: Interplay at Seekers Church
   Calvin Worship Symposium   
   Birth of granddaughter, Lily Grace Roorda
   Spring: Easter Sunrise Service at Greenbelt Lake
   Festival of Faith and Writing Scripture Poet Circle
   Elder-Deacon visits and prayers with women friends
   Summer: Church Block Party with DJ Duff
   Mom’s 90th Birthday Party in Blacksburg 
   Jim’s 50th High School Reunion in Newfane NY
Grateful for all season nowness of centering 
prayer and sleep, fully present to You
then newness of waking—resurrected, restored