New decade—high hopes—renewed energy and resolve
but scatterbrained, heart-splintered:
a piece spirited to Sacred Stone Camp;
thirty pieces in Thanksgiving Facebook posts.
Biggest, most cohesive chunks with Jean and family:
a week in Ashland with California childcare weekend,
two weeks in Maui, and sweet summer end Greenbelt days.
Profoundly grateful for Joyce & Dave’s Greenbelt move,
also our second joint vacation, this year at Deal Island.
Kept journaling jumbled daystream emotions;
finished Mullstream Psalm series and started
these year by year life reflections.
It was time to seek peace and pursue it,
time to forgive seventy times seven.


College continued (thanks, Master Teacher):
I learned first nations lament from Mark Charles;
we learned neighborliness from the new folks
next door— Alex, Brianne and Dmitri.
Lutheran Social Services was a good
lab, linking refugees and volunteers.
Servant Leader, thanks for courage and joy
to lead the Writers’ Festival Circle.
Marriage enrichment courses included
two weddings, getaways with Joyce and Dave
and Jim’s 50th Houghton Reunion.
Music and nature appreciation 
amplified Red Rocks Hunt Family vibes.