Morning Has Broken – Psalm 65

Hearts at home in Your Live Silence
sense Your approach, Majestic Love.
Dumbfounded with wonder at dawn
we chirp Your praise, Earth Sky Artist.
Unlike carefree birds we incur
guilt, but Your Grace rights every wrong.
First or last resort, refugee
or aid worker, all call on You.

Mountain Ranging Spirit, You Wow
us wide awake to Love’s Power.
We are children playing outdoors,
having picnics in Your garden.
Loving Provider, You sustain
all life in all seasons. We cheer
with robins, rejoice with rainbows,
stand in awe of ocean sunscapes

Craving – Psalm 63

Abba of Desert Mothers and Fathers,
where today are Your wilderness fountains?

Love of all Loves, this grandmother needs You;
these unaccompanied minors need You.

We see You in night visions of rescue,
glimpse You in family reunion daydreams.

Spirit us past pain, beyond mirage to
prayer-poem-praise cascades, filling joy pools.

Quiet – Psalm 62

In silence You settle us, Love;
we rest in peace, wholly alive.
Yes, quiet.
Yet noise and fights rule most of life;
hype bursts inundate old soul sighs.
Please, quiet.
We try too hard, not hard enough?
Wealthy or poor, angst floors us all.
Oh, quiet.
Strong Love, only in Your spacious
stillness hope shows up, work makes sense.

Seared Hearts – Psalm 60

Huge Love, are You steaming mad?
Fed up with greed-hate-fear wars?
Your scattered church reels, totters:
ambushed, blindsided, we can’t
breathe! Blank stares steal child’s eye views.
We love You, Love. We fear fears’
feuds, apartheid’s resurgence.
Is the Church still Your dearest
valentine? Give us a sign
You reign in Cairo, Moscow,
Aleppo, Baghdad, DC–
everywhere, Strong Peacemaker.

International Rescue Mission – Psalm 59

Look, Love! People are trapped:
freezing in bombed buildings
they drink rainwater, eat animal scraps.

Come, Strong Inside-Out Love:
take down Putin, Assad, ISIL,
all who attempt to trump justice.

Smile, Love Spirit, as You
humble them one by one with us,
saving and serving refugee children.

Wake us from Superbowl stupor,
Mardi Gras daze, Primary fog,
from dust and ash to holy Lenten praise.

Reset – Psalm 57

Embrace us one by one, Love Spirit.
We thrust ourselves and others toward You–
done competing, need Your completing.
From scar wars we crawl under cover,
can’t survivors, in rant recovery.
Enfold us, Love; turn our sobs to snores.
Snarl each demon with its own venom.
Love us back to life–from dreams to dawn.

We wake transfixed and walk in beauty
all day, glimpsing sky sights, voicing poems.

Unveiling – Psalm 56

Who avoids being reduced to tears?
Whose eyes remain dry in LoveStream’s wake?

Aspiring writers, would-be artists,
we come to You in tears, Creator.

Though defamed, our works (and Yours!) defaced,
we smile, seeing our tears pool with Yours.

All babies’, siblings’, parents’ teardrops
blend on Your watercolor palette.

We dance in Love Story Gallery,
viewing Your Heartbook Parchment paintings.

Winter Lament – Psalm 55

Listener in Chief,
hear Your daughters’ urgent complaint:
crazed with terror, torn from home,
refugees drown or starve
while wealth wielder brags he could shoot
someone in the street and not lose one vote.

It’s so hard to be human
when so many are inhuman,
seems hardest of all for women and children.
Couldn’t we be free spirit doves instead?

All-Divining Sensor,
record our heart murmurs.
We expect outright rejection
from tycoons and buffoons, but
family members’ disrespect floors us.

Frozen in place, stir crazy,
let us hear Your loving voice,
Extra-Sensory Perceiver,
in silent tree shadows
and crystal snow sparkles.