There is a time for everything and a season
for every activity under the heavens:
A time to hire, revive church community 
in worship, music, Bible study and visits;
my time to retire, give more volunteer time,
let the Senior Center Rest In Peace.
Tearful times in our kids’ absence, smiles when
Dave’s job brought him back monthly to Maryland,
more smiles on spring break in Oregon
and another great summer parenting Judah.
In writing, times to search for words,
themes, stories, then to give up searching;
times to keep revising and submitting,
also some times to discard, abandon, delete.
Times to speak, to embrace after walks, swims,
Penn State Intervarsity Reunion, the cabin at Martinek;
times to be silent, refrain from embracing,
still communing with God and each other.


Please conceive a poem in me
I prayed to You, Eternal Love.
Cinquains came, then Your Fire inspired
free verse like votive candles here and there
with family in Greenbelt, Blacksburg, Broken Arrow,
Texarkana, Boulder, Denver, Grand Rapids and Lansing.
Love Light, how You shone in celebrations
for the lives of Johnie Wilson, Bill Ribbens,
Annie Mae Ballou and Myrtle Pippin!
Peace Beacon, how You gleamed in
daycare kids’ senior center visits,
on women’s nights out with church friends,
at homes, churches, lakes, trails, pools, museums,
so many places making memories with Judah!



           Highlights of the Months
October— Jacksonville weekend with Jim
November— Senior Sunday with Dante & Jackie Venegas
December— Dayspring Advent Ember Day
January— Church van trip with ten seniors
February— Ash Wednesday supper and service
March— Bright Beginnings Day Care Easter Program
April— Walk on Coolidge track with seven seniors 
May— Being still in eye of poemstorm
June— Mom & Dad’s 60th anniversary celebration 
July— Good times with Judah in MD, DC and NH
August— Boulder week with Jean and Judah
September— Chincoteague weekend with Jim



Slept as well twelve October nights in the little house
on the Big Island as back home in Greenbelt.
Thank You always thank You Creator Sustainer.

Wrote prayers and poems for that Hawaii trip celebrating 
Judah’s birthday with his Kona Pacific School friends;
for times with pastor friend Paula, Michigan relatives,
and authors at the Festival of Faith and Writing;
for Blacksburg trips, especially in August with Judah
and all the days between, at Dayspring or at home.
Praise You always praise You Truth Spirit.

Walked joyfully with church friends in DC Walkathon;
with senior center friends at Sligo Creek
now that I was back as activity director;
around the lake alone, with Jim, with Judah
then Jean who came for a summer visit.
Love You always love You Brother Jesus.



It was a good Greenbelt year—
Jean and Judah here three weeks,
game night at Beckert’s,
tutoring at Shrom Hills,
Poetry Plus at the library,
Writers Group at the community center,
proofreading for Greenbelt News Review
and doing the birds-i-view article,
picnics, visits, talks with family and friends,
walks or jogs by the lake, swims at the fitness center,
driving the Prius in the Labor Day Parade.
At church Jim’s deacon term ended, mine began.
I still drove Dayshare passengers sometimes
plus frequent pro bono drives 
and did poetry/ sensory stimulation classes
with the SAGE program at Collington.
Jim and I were grateful for safe travels—
December family reunion in the Poconos,
May weekend in Chesapeake VA with Jim’s Aunt Ida
and famous musical family, The Hunts,
June weekend in Delaware doing a 10k Volksmarch
and August Adirondack, Champlain Valley trip.


We flew to Hawaii for the October birthdays—
ten dear days in Kauai with Jean and Judah.
I did childcare with a Silver Spring family
then eldercare closer to home with Visiting Angels.
Son David joined us for Thanksgiving in Blacksburg 
and December Ribbens Reunion in West Virginia.
Joyo appeared at church community night,
played charades at family beach reunion 
and marched in Greenbelt Labor Day Parade.
ESL tutoring continued, now with Jaime Ramos.
We were back in Blacksburg for Mother’s Day,
to Jersey, NYC and New England around Memorial Day,
Oklahoma for brother-in-law’s funeral in June,
Thurmont, Hagerstown and Blacksburg again in August.
Home with Jim in Greenbelt and at WCRC 
I followed my writing dream to the nth degree
in Bible survey and poetry including word wreaths.


I journaled my way through that year
on a nine-day Spirit-fruit cycle.
In marriage,(grand)parenting and teaching,
on each Dayshare trip,
                           during each talk
Love grew, boosting its eight hardy hybrids.
Joy ripened as Judah whispered You’re my best friend!
God’s Peace filled Dayspring, DCCRC, SSCRC
and the CRCs we visited in five other states.
Patience flourished, nourished by Jim and our kids.
Kindness multiplied in thoughtful gifts and services
from ESL students, Karen and Sung.
Goodness and Mercy! Good times, good friends, new and old,
good talks over good books at Earl and Terry Kepler’s.
Faith bore fruit in Jim’s service as deacon and treasurer;
Mom inspired me to faithful correspondence 
with prisoners via Crossroad Bible Institute.
We celebrated the lives of Gentle Souls—
John Kocisko, Richard O’Connor, Jim Bosma, Ismay Cruikshank;
on 9-11 a Greenbelt church sign offered the gentle reminder
We weep with those who weep.
What better place than Greenbelt to foster Self Control?
Walking, swimming, ping pong and tennis; gardening;
picnics in our yard with family and friends;
tutoring Sergey and Vitaly with Greenbelt Cares.


We got by with a little help from our kids
and they soared with a little help from us.
David got us online with email;
Jean revved up our health and nutrition;
Rhonda’s book signings inspired my writing;
she and Duff rooted us in family and church.

Our joint memory bank deposits grew on visits 
with family in Washington NH, Bethlehem PA, 
Hayesville NC, Blacksburg VA and Newfane NY;
golden times with just the two of us 
included Chincoteague and Thousand Islands;
we visited CRCs in four states plus our home church 
where I was a greeter, Jim was in my Sunday School class
and we each took a turn leading Friendship Bible Study.

In dawn love letters to Jesus I wrote:
“Thanks for being all things to all people;
teach me my limits but stretch me 
out of my comfort zone too; guide us in this
huge and wonderful responsibility to care for Judah.”


Infinite Love, You grew our love
for each other and so many others.
Home for good in Greenbelt we welcomed 
transient family and overnight guests, celebrated
Judah’s first birthday at Greenbelt National Park.
Home with Jim usually at 4E Crescent but also
in Bethlehem PA, Blacksburg VA, at Penn State and Calvin,
we read the Couple’s Devotional Bible
from Grandma Evelyn and bedtime storybooks together.
With all the kids in our living room at Christmas
we wrote and gave one another notes of appreciation.
Home at DCCRC where Jean still worked and Duff 
was a deacon again we welcomed Norm and Barb Steen.
Daughter-in-Christ Jamima and her husband Suman
loaned us their clothes on our Ohio visit.
Son David and other family joined us in Chincoteague
on days following our first anniversary.


Dear One who makes all things new,
what joy to review that year full of newness!
Praying daily with Jim on phone or in person
Welcoming grandson Judah to heart and home
Meeting each other’s families and friends
Attending each other’s churches
Jean working as secretary at DCCRC
Jamima and Roseline free of oppressive live-in jobs
Valentine Day engagement 
L’Arche Story Theater at Potter’s House
Renewed devotion to Love Alive
  in Covenant Discipleship Group
  in barbershop trips with Dick O’Connor
  even in my left breast leakage
  medically unexplained
  sign of my bonding with baby Judah
What wonder to discover Greenbelt!
Finding 4E Crescent, moving there alone first
Our marriage at DCCRC
  and Chincoteague honeymoon crowned the year